Why am I here now?

Why am I here now?

It seems as if most of my life, I’ve spent chasing one thing or another. What I now know is that I have only been seeking myself.


Epiphany Closing – June 2012
(That’s me in the middle. My friends, Gary and Tara, flank me)


Epiphany Closing – October 2013
(That’s me in the middle again – with my great friends)

16 months ago, I took a dramatic, frightening, hopeful, liberating leap in my journey. In preparation for and during recovery from, I’ve been reviewing my life in my mind – and sometimes on this blog. When it’s too tough, or not ready for public consumption, I’ve committed it to paper. The old-fashioned way – in violet ink with a violet fountain pen in a leather-covered journal – all courtesy of my very best friend.

Originally, I thought this project was a search for faith, or truth, or some other esoteric, philosophical goal. I was wrong. It’s a search for me, for my health. An attempt to get at the me who isn’t defined by her past or waiting for some perfect environment in which to begin her future. I’m setting out to create the perfect environment in which to live my future – as my authentic, healthy self.

A bright, loud, sassy future in which I make a bold, authentic statement.

I’d be honored if you’d share the adventure with me…


Share your thoughts with me?

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