Where am I headed?

Stuff I think I want to write…feel free to submit ideas

I am a follower
mother-childhood denial
All or nothing
Appetite suppressants
I am stronger now
Men who loved me (diminished capacity)
Daniel, etc.
A different kind of love
My life as an eleven-year old adult
Fifth Grade
Eighth Grade
When mom wants her child back
The Chaos that was Anthony
Making a new paradigm
What’s next?
Spiritual Vampires
The First Time
The day the bus station changed my life
if he knocked on my door…
Almost Good Enough Life
Why does the pain come at night?
Cherry Cake Batter
Paying attention to the “aaah”
Faith in a messy house
Commission and Omission Forgiveness
The worn Book Weight
Friendship at the turn of the season
Separate lives
Strangest Dream (Greta came home)
Vanilla Cake Batter

The weight of disappointment


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  1. What I Want đŸ˜‰

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