Dear Family and friends:

I am a church musician.  I am not paid to be a church musician; however, it is part of me – part of my identity and something I see as a great way to return my God-given gift to HIM.

Please note:  I will NOT be traveling on Christmas Eve, Easter, All Saints’ Day or the days of the Spring or Winter Cantatas. I will be in church the days my bell choir rings – we cannot ring without everyone.

Please ask me before you commit me to anything that requires me to be out of church on any Sunday.  For that matter, please don’t ask me to be absent too often on Wednesday nights.  I take my music seriously and I’m not talented enough to miss rehearsal and still sing or ring well!

This does not mean that I don’t love you or that I don’t wish to spend time with you or that you are not a priority in my life.  It doesn’t even mean that I don’t like and appreciate family traditions.

It does mean that God, music and church are important to me and these are times I’ve made a commitment to Him to be in one of His houses making a joyful noise.  I think it’s a reminder to me that the gift I use so freely elsewhere comes from Him.

I am humbly requesting that you please stop trying to make me feel badly about staying home – and staying in church for holy days.  I promise you that I won’t desert you and I will always be with you in any emergency.  Even if it is on Christmas Eve, Easter, All Saints’ Day, during the Spring or Winter Cantata or when the bell choir rings.

With the utmost love and respect,
Your wife, your mother, your daughter, your daughter-in-law, your sister, your sister-in-law and your friend,