A friend, and fellow Grace Mobber, told me about this new book, “We Can’t Go Home Again” by Max Dubinsky.

I checked out the info on Amazon
You can also get a copy at iTunes

The description is captivating: “Are any of us beyond forgiveness? A college student’s sexual addiction leads to a family tragedy. A boy must navigate life and love with everything he has ever felt available for all to see on his sleeve. A young man followed by mysterious men in suits returns home for his father’s funeral. A man crosses the country in an attempt to make right his decision in choosing between the life of the woman he loved and the life of his unborn child. And a couple meets during a violent traffic accident, discovering the greatest injuries inflected upon us are not of the flesh, but of the heart. Featuring six different stories, We Can’t Go Home Again follows the lives of seven broken individuals desperately seeking redemption and a second chance.

The reviews glowing:
“painting a landscape of human angst and pain in search of redemption.”
– Bob Hamp, author
“No punches pulled. No cherries on top. This is raw fiction.”
-Clint Fisher, Aenonfire.com

I think I’ll read it…anyone with me?

Let’s talk about it in a week or so…