Over-sensitive, Over-dramatic, too tender, too loving.

Pisces, ENFP, bipolar, crazy, unique, eclectic, eccentric, nuts, perfectionist, drama queen, Psycho, loony, wacko

Chunky, Chubby, Plussy, Thick, Heavy, Tubby, Heavyweight, Large, Big, Stocky, Fat, Beached Whale, Weeblo, Two-ton-Tess, Grape Ape, Huge, Gigondo, Obese, Morbidly Obese, Super-Morbidly Obese.

Easy, Cheap, Slut, Whore, Submissive, Pet, Bitch, Property

Big, Beautiful Woman, Curvy, Busty, Voluptuous, Buxom, Rubenesque, Junoesque

Catholic, Methodist, Christian, Woman of Faith, Believer, liberal

The above lists are labels which have defined me – which I have allowed to define me for the 42 years of my life.  Most are negative.  Some are an attempt to make the negative positive but they are all labels.

The new POTSC campaign, “Labels Lie” challenges all of us to look at the labels we use – to categorize others in discrete, immutable categories and those we use to castigate ourselves and undermine our ability to live up to our potential.


Now, I’m not trying to make out my life to be so much worse than anyone else’s…we have all had labels attached to us in an attempt to put us in little boxes.  Sometimes they are temporary or descriptive and necessary for clarity in life (scientist, choir member, cashier, etc.).  Other times, labels are positive – affirming (beautiful, charitable, loving, friend).  Not all the little boxes are bad.

Sometimes, labels are hurled at us, intended to hurt or maim.  Once you’ve heard them long enough, you often internalize them…kind of like an amoeba engulfing its food.  But what do we do with them then?  When we accept them?

Do they diffuse the pain or continue hurting us?  Does it hurt less when we make the jab first – take away someone else’s opportunity to inflict the pain?  Do we use it as a way to make others comfortable with the situation?  Do we use them as a way to keep the wounds alive so we can play the martyr?

I would submit that it’s probably a mixture of all of the above.  But the reality is that each time we use them, we take a stab at our Spirit – we kill it a little – we keep ourselves from reaching our potential.  If we are Christian, that means we fail to live out the plan God has for our life.

What a waste.  What a shame.  What a waste of a good spirit.  What a reason to end the labeling.

I am trying.  Labels Lie.  We must stop using them.

I am People of the Second Chance and on Tuesday, we launched a new campaign called “Labels Lie: Don’t Accept Them. Don’t Use Them.”

The campaign’s focus is on being liberated from the prison of societies’ labels. We don’t have to live with the shame of what people have said about us. We don’t have to accept these statements as our true identity.

Come join the discussion.