• NEVER BEYOND poster series #6

Okay – so I thought the klansman’s hood was gonna be an emotionally fraught week!  The words “you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet” have been circling in my mind.  (Yes, I know the grammar is MORE than poor…I didn’t PLAN for those words to get stuck in my brain!)

In case you haven’t been over to the POTSC site (really, give it a look), it is important to know that this poster was published in a post titled:  “SEXUAL ABUSE AND SCANDALOUS GRACE”.

Wow! As a former Catholic, Double Wow!

I do plan to spend some time blogging about this topic later this week; however, at this point, other priorities must take precedence.  As I did a couple of weeks ago – I’m getting the poster, the concept, in front of you.  Let’s discuss it later this week, shall we?  I’m very interested in reading a range of opinions.  There are already some eye-openers being linked to the POTSC blog post…on multiple sides of the story!

This post is part of the NEVER BEYOND Poster Series launched by the People of the Second Chance.  25 posters representing well known historical, current and fictional characters who are believed to have harmed society.  POTSC is asking “Who would you give a second chance?”  Personally, I am hoping that the ensuing discussion inspires people to look at life through the eyes of grace.