Isn’t it funny sad the way some hate is so deeply ingrained within you that you don’t even notice its existence?

I’ve been thinking about this phenomenon since the new NEVER BEYOND poster was released earlier this week.  The Klansman’s hood.  One of THE iconic symbols of hate in its basest form.  Honestly, what’s not to hate?  Until I saw that poster, I never even thought about it.  I mean, it isn’t that I chose the hate or even refused to acknowledge it – there just wasn’t a choice made.  You hate those who persecute others, right?  Particularly those who take pride in such acts.

Maybe one of the posters should be Hitler.  Or the swastika.  In my opinion, those are symbols which engender the same sort of innate rage in any thinking person.  They are the symbols of evil at work in our world.  I wish the ideals which they espouse inspired rage in every human being…the world would be different.

I think it’s important for us to feel the rage because, in allowing ourselves to feel it, we must acknowledge its existence, grapple with the hate and allow us to move to anger.  When we see people being mistreated in this world, it is our obligation to be angry.  Anger helps galvanize us into taking action to stop or prevent the hate being spewed into the world.  Anger is healthy, productive and catalyzes change. Rage and hate leave us paralyzed and unable to effect change.

The discussion this week has allowed me, and I suspect others, to notice the hate and rage within us.  Taking notice and acknowledging the emotion can spur active change within each of us.  Individual change spurs group change.  We can change the zeitgeist one person at a time.  Perhaps our children, more likely grandchildren, will be able to say honestly that they live in a post-racial, post-prejudice society.  THAT would be a victory for second chances.  Society, the world, will have been given a second chance to redeem itself and demonstrate full humanity.

And it all starts with forgiveness.  Second chances for EVERYONE.  Not just those we deem “deserving” as the bottom-line truth is that NONE of us are deserving.

This week we are challenged to notice the hate.  Make a choice to love.  The POTSC movement is helping to change the world.  One person at at time. Check it out.