I just quit my job.

To be more specific, I just wrote my resignation letter.  I’m not quitting until tomorrow.  Resigning.  That sounds so much more professional.

I don’t want to quit my job.  I liked my job.  Until. (There’s always an until, isn’t there?)  Until I made somebody jealous. I made the grievous error of being too smart.  No, not too smart…being unwilling to hide my intelligence and education.

It’s funny what will threaten people.

I really want to write something mean about the person who started all this but the truth is that she just thought she was trying to protect herself.  She needs to be more important than anyone else and uses what she has to make sure she stays that way.

Unfortunately, this time, she got people to go along with her…to protect her and her position.  Ironically, her position was never threatened.  I didn’t and don’t want to be where she is…

I want the project to succeed. After the treatment I have received, I am unable (or unwilling) to return to that environment.  The administration created a situation in which it is clear which staff are important and which are not.  Discipline was assigned without a thorough investigation and without clear accusations.

I have been thinking about this since July 8 when I found out that I had been accused of “bad behaviour”.  LOL  It’s so childish.  The letter announcing my two-week suspension contains a string of adjectives which comprise a blatant personal attack on my character.  If they were all true, I should remove myself from polite society immediately and live a hermetic existence.

Arrogant.  The sole adjective I might actually believe.  I feel as if it’s confidence, not arrogance but I can see how it might be misinterpreted.  Maybe.  So, what?  discuss it with me, counsel me about the perception of my behaviour.  But suspend me?  For two weeks?  I have never had anything like this happen in my professional career.  I was completely blind-sided!  Doesn’t it seem like there should be a law against cutting off someone’s livelihood for a behaviour issue not previously addressed?

Behaviour issue, pffllt.  It’s a personality conflict.  Plain and simple.  She doesn’t like me (no love lost this direction, either) and she found an opening to create a story that our bosses would buy about my disrespectful behaviour.  I have no idea what she even told them…I wasn’t asked.  Just suspended.


I quit my job.  I didn’t want to quit my job.  I wouldn’t be effective if I returned.  I wouldn’t be confident if I were always looking over my shoulder waiting for the next attack.  I don’t like admitting that I can’t get along with someone.  It feels like failure.

Pat would like to see me return to my job…great personal growth opportunity.  I can’t.  I won’t.  I might have the strength but that’s not where I want to use it just now.

My letters are written…yes, I had to rebut the personal attack.  Professionally.  I maintained my cool through the process.  That means I can say that I resigned.  That sounds so much more professional.