How do I know the difference between God’s roadblocks and Satan’s temptations?

I know it all comes down to discernment but, honestly, I haven’t had much luck mastering that skill. So…when does it become clear that I am either following the right path and He has simply thrown up some roadblocks to prepare me for something which lies ahead or that I am on the wrong path and He is telling me to turn around and take another fork in the road?

And, as Satan skulks around everywhere waiting to pounce, how can I distinguish his evil hand?

I will never understand the people who believe that they know clearly what God wants all the time. Are they THAT faithful that they can actually intuit His plan or are they deluded from a lifetime of brainwashing?

It’s easy when what they choose is a path of good. The world then calls them saints. If they choose a tougher road, for instance, killing in the name of God, they are called insane, psychotic, evil. And I am not saying they are not…but shouldn’t, then, all people who claim to be divinely inspired be treated the same? Is it only psychopathy if the voices tell you to break the law?  Or only if you admit to hearing voices?

I wondered recently at the lack of prophets in the New Testament and in current times. It seems as if God stopped speaking directly to humans once Christ died.

But then I thought…any prophets living today are medicated nearly catatonic and/or locked in “treatment centers.”

A sign of the times? A breakthrough in psychiatry? I wonder how the Old Testament would read had Thorazine been developed in 2000 BC?